Pete Thorn’s How To…. Tone Secrets #2

Been a while since I posted and when I discovered this video by Pete Thorn, I thought you might be interested too!

No matter which amp you use and what pedal you choose to enhance it’s sound the quest for tone goes ON! 😉

How To- And How NOT To- Use Overdrives And Distortions, Tone Secrets #2


Setting Up Your Amp To Use With Drive Pedals

a great video Q.E.D. on how the same drive pedal can sound radically different in front of amps with differing tonal characteristics!

Definitely  worth watching (and listening)!

(players please feel free to leave your comments below for the students of all ages who may follow-on!)

Overdrive demo

A more extensive (35 min) demo of various overdrive pedals.

the Klons are demo-ed about 15 minutes into the video…

Partial pedal list:
Black Cat Pedals OD-1
Basic Audio Futureman
Boss DS-1
Budda Fat Man
Caroline Guitar Co Wave Cannon
Crowther Hot Cake
Earthquaker Devices White Light Overdrive
Freakshow Brown Rabbit
Fulltone OCD v4
Fulltone Fulldrive 2
Fulltone GT-500
FX Doctor OD
FXEngineering Sidewinder Open Overdrive
Ibanez TS9 RI
Ibanez TS808 RI
Klon Centaur (Silver)
Klon Centaur (Gold)
Klon overdrive (new)
Landgraff Distortion box/Classic Overdrive
Lovepedal Kanji
Lovepedal Kalamazoo
MXR Classic Overdrive M-66
Paul C Tim (HW)
Paul C Tim (PCB)
Paul C Timmy
Rockbox Boiling Point
Rodenberg Gas 808
Skreddy Screwdriver
Wampler Paisley Drive
Wampler Plexi Overdrive
Wampler Black ’65 Overdrive
Xotic AC
Xotic BB
Xotic RC
Zvex Box of Rock